We are constantly buying and selling stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF’s etcetera. We acquire our stocks and try to resell them to increase revenue. As a private company we use our stocks and trade or resell them in a Trading method to increase our earnings. We try to do this that the stocks are being resold and traded with high speed, high turnover rates and high order-to-trade ratios that leverages high-frequency financial data and electronic trading tools. We move in and out of short-term positions at high volumes and high speeds aiming to capture fractions of cents in profit on each and every trade we make. Because we do not work on long-term and traditional forms of stock-trading, the measure of reward to risk that we experience is tens of times higher. Although this increases our risk, our experience using this method cancels out a large amount of those risks we face. Nothing goes without a risk, but it is of key to the company to know how to take care of those risks.